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In a recent article published in the Supply Chain Management Review, a study by Fujitsu titled The Digital Transformation PACT uncovered several startling findings. 84% of businesses surveyed say their customers expect them to be more digital, 71% said they are behind their competitors, and maybe the most amazing — two-thirds (66%) believe they will lose customers relative to their lack of digital transformation.

The Fujitsu study uses PACT to represent the areas where digital transformation must happen — namely, People, Actions, Collaboration and Technology.

Those of us in spend much time in the supply chain space have to go no further than the nearest manufacturing facility or distribution center to see the communications efforts and their lack of the desired digital transformation.


This above space, for example, is replete with paper reports thumb-tacked to a cork board, white boards not updated for several days, etc.

Transform your bulletin board into a digital scoreboard, like the following examples.

While the concepts of LEAN, SIX SIGMA, 5S and all things continuous improvement are touted as “standard operating procedures,” most of the key managers say the same thing:

Our biggest challenge is supply chain visibility and real-time metrics with which to make real-time decisions.

If I truly want to impact the bottom line and make a decision that affects how we perform today, then I cannot be looking in a “rearview mirror.”

RMG has been in the space of real-time metrics reporting and visualization since 1980.

We help companies make their data “actionable” and help provide the communications transparency you have always hoped for. Digital transformation need not frighten today’s supply chain executive, and, in fact, employees want to perform better and need real-time feedback to make that happen.

Many times, the first step in this digital transformation is an effort in simply digitizing the content you are expecting your employees to be aware of and react to. Help them understand what is expected, how they are performing, and how their efforts impact the entire facility, the whole supply chain and the company’s ability to satisfy your customers.

Reach out to us and find out how we are assisting the majority of the Fortune 100 Companies and so many others in the area of digital transformation on everything from large screens to desktops to mobile devices. You can also download this infographic on The Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Supply Chain Operations.

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