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Back in 2012, Andy Dishner, VP at Legacy Supply Chain Services, wrote a great post highlighting the five ways to increase productivity and performance in your supply chain. I particularly like that he focused on communication as one of the keys. 

supply chain improvementFocusing on tactics that will increase a supply chain’s productivity is essential to achieving positive customer satisfaction. There are some very effective ways to do this outside of systems, logistical infrastructure and analytics. These tactics require that communication within the supply chain must be established and maintained with a high expectation for improvement. Emphasizing the importance of continuous education among employees and management is also vital to the improvement of processes, products, and services.

I strongly encourage you to check out Andy’s complete post, but I wanted to spend a few minutes discussing how digital signage can impact each of the five ways that Andy showcased.

  1. Efficient Communication – You can never over communicate. Making the goals and potential hurdles visible to everyone (not just Executive Management) is the key. Think digital signage.
  2. Development of Procedure Standards – Having the standards published somewhere, and communicating them visibly are two very different things.
  3. Determination of Importance – Is this something done once and forever? If your supply chain is typical, then priorities are ever-changing. Make the new priorities known immediately through digital signage.
  4. Engage, Align and Empower Your Workforce – What better way can you accomplish this than letting them know where we stand at this very moment? How are we doing against goals and how can you help right now?
  5. Construct a Powerful Training Program – Engage your employees through constructive training and procedural videos (safety and quality issues can be targeted as content). Train them on an “as required / need-to-know” basis.

photo credit: imagineerz via photopin cc

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