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As a digital signage company, we know how advanced digital technology has become. Interactive screens allow customers to communicate with a business with the flick of a finger; eye-popping, high-resolution images and graphics stop lobby visitors dead in their tracks; integrated, centrally controlled communication systems allow global companies to communicate with employees around the world at an instant.

But do these digital signage technologies pay off? Do they enhance ROI or just raise an organization’s “cool factor”?

Digital Signage in Businesss

How Digital Signage Networks Generate ROI
The answer, of course, is that digital signage networks do produce ROI — and in some cases, a lot of it. Here are a few examples:

Restaurants use tabletop, interactive kiosks to provide patrons with ordering and payment options, enabling them to reduce the service staff. A smaller staff reduces operating costs and in many cases improves the customer experience (by giving diners more control and faster service), which translates into more return customers and more word-of-mouth promotion.

  • In call centers, digital networks display real-time performance on big screens down to mobile phones, giving the entire staff an up-to-the-second picture of where it stands. The transparent display of KPIs improves efficiency, helps teams identify bottlenecks and problems, and frees managers from their desks to work on the floor with personnel to improve their effectiveness and deal with problems. The result is a transformation in productivity and sales/service effectiveness.
  • In hospitals and other health care facilities, digital networks are used for a multitude of purposes from wayfinding to behind-the-scenes functions such as operating room scheduling. One ROI-producing application of digital signage: using big-screen displays to promote the hospital’s brand. When visitors see imagery and video highlighting the health care company’s compassionate staff, medical expertise and technological sophistication, the health care business improves its brand image, resulting in better patient retention and the acquiring of new appointments/services.
  • Retail stores use digital screens in various departments to publicize micro-promotions, in some cases built around the specific customer’s buying history. These highly targeted and relevant promotional offers increase sales and customer retention — as well as help the retailer manage inventory by more efficiently turning slow-moving items and increasing volume on strategically important items and product lines.


Think Strategically About Digital Signage
The key to producing ROI through digital signage is to implement a network strategically, with specific ROI goals in mind. RMG NetworksTM is a great partner for helping you achieve this. Because we understand the technologies inside and out, we can assist you in boiling down the multitudinous technical capabilities of digital signage networks into specific applications that benefit your business in dollars and cents.

The result: You get a faster, targeted and fully customized implementation that boosts your ROI without bogging you down with unnecessary complexity. Streamlined digital solutions are imperative, as the cost of maintaining unneeded software and hardware can quickly offset the ROI gains of your core system.

Interested in learning more about how an intelligent digital signage network can boost your ROI? Please contact us! We are eager to learn more about your objectives and share ideas on how you can reach them.

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