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You might know the story about the man looking for his keys under a streetlight one night. Another man came by and asked what he was doing: “Looking for my keys,” the first man said. “Well, where did you lose them?” the pedestrian asked. The first man replied, “Oh, over by those bushes somewhere.” The pedestrian asked him why he was bothering to look under the streetlight, then, and the man just said, apparently very reasonably, “The light is better over here!”

Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are a bit like that light. If you don’t have them, it’s hard to look at what you need to do to improve. And if they’re not in the right place and accessible to the right people, it’s not much better than not having them at all.Key Performance Indicators

KPI Visualization Design Makes A Difference
Numbers – even key performance indicators – without context are just numbers. The average call duration (ACD) for a contact center is 4 minutes and 33 seconds, which could be good or bad depending on the complexity of the call topics and the contact center’s goals. But if that number appears flashing red on a digital screen, agents know it’s an area that needs immediate improvement.

That’s a simple example, but you can imagine all sorts of applications. What do you need your agents to see and understand quickly at a glance? What do you want employees, even new hires, to internalize? What goals do you want to set, and how do you want them viewed?

KPI Visualization Lets Employees Take Initiative
Communication between all levels of a company can help to highlight issues any single employee might miss. In a call center, an agent might not take much notice if a caller is transferred to them from another department, but if the number of transfers is tracked and visualized, they may start to see a pattern emerging. If the average number of transfers per call is high, an agent could send that information up the management chain: perhaps the company’s contact page needs to be revised, or perhaps there’s an issue in the infrastructure of how common calls are resolved.

Metrics reveal inefficiencies, and those inefficiencies are often noticeable by people who don’t have the power to address them directly. Having a KPI to reference helps all employees who notice a slowdown start the ball rolling on getting it resolved.

KPIs Need To Be Visible
Your key performance indicators have to be visible in order to be actionable. And the faster they are seen and internalized, the faster they can be acted upon.

Call Center KPIs

Displaying metrics on digital signage and directly to desktops via personal data dashboards allow agents and managers to simultaneously act on critical issues and key objectives. KPIs might include the average wait time, number of callers waiting, and average call length. Agents who see their individual wait time or number of callers waiting performance metrics rise on the digital displays can act to move their calls along more quickly. Or perhaps the call center wants to direct callers to an automated survey after the call is finished. If the percentage of callers who continue on to the survey is visible, staffers will know if they need to take additional action to route callers – for example, mentioning how much they’d appreciate it if the callers stuck around for a brief survey.

Keep An Eye On Your Key Performance Indicators
KPI visualization on digital signage shines a light on how your business is performing. Having this data available in real time can improve employee engagement and morale, not to mention create avenues to improve customer satisfaction.

RMG NetworksTM is an industry leader in intelligent visual solutions that help contact centers optimize their KPI visualization. Contact us today to learn more!

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