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Before My Summer Internship

I’ve always believed it’s important to be a well-rounded individual. I’ve tried to invest myself and my time of activities in a range of activities, from competitive horseback riding to studying abroad in Spain, gaining important experience in many facets of life. Despite these efforts, I felt a void in my professional development. I am currently studying at Miami University in Ohio as a rising senior. As a marketing major, a summer internship is imperative to not only make me a competitive candidate for future jobs, but to guide me in my field before graduating.

There are so many disciplines that fall under the marketing umbrella in the professional world. Before my internship, I was trying to find where my passion lays within the marketing profession. I was searching for an opportunity to experience a number of these different parts of marketing, and that is exactly what I was able to do with RMG this summer. Entering my senior year, my experience with RMG is what I needed to be able to guide my final year of studies, and more importantly, it allowed me to feel confident about life after graduation.

Joining RMG

When I started my internship, I would have described my position as a “marketing intern for a digital signage company”. Looking back, that title does not do justice to the actual position I held. Over the course of 9 weeks with RMG, I am astonished by how much more this company does beyond just digital signage. The visual communications created by RMG are brought together by many components. From a user’s perspective, a solution includes hardware, software and creative content developed by our in-house teams. There are teams dedicated to software development and maintenance, constructing solution ideas, project managers, and of course and the company’s marketing team. It is no small feat creating each element of a solution.

When I arrived the first day at RMG, I felt the usual anxiety that comes with being the “new intern.” RMG’s People and Culture team went above and beyond to make me feel immediately included and make sure I was fully informed about the company.  I had meetings set up with someone from every department and even several members of the executive team such as the CEO and CFO. Being able to sit down with each department gave me a holistic look at the company from several different angles. It would have been easy for them to skip out on the meeting with the summer intern, but each person took the time out of their busy days to genuinely ask about my background and goals as an intern.  As someone still in college open to every learning opportunity, this internship far exceeded my expectations.

Growing with RMG

In the span of 9 weeks, I was able to collaborate with my team on several marketing responsibilities including: sales enablement, demand generation, content and social media creation, customer relationship management, and product marketing to name a few. Throughout my internship, I became particularly passionate about our social media efforts. Social media can be incredibly impactful for businesses if used correctly and managed regularly. I constantly searched for ways to leverage our social media to build brand awareness and interact with the rest of the digital signage community. My passion about our social media morphed into an interest in RMG’s positioning in contrast with other digital signage brands. I became very involved in competitor research and more specifically, our competitors’ online presence. With a better understanding of my personal passions, I can gear my studies at Miami Ohio to include more social media marketing.

Thank You to my Mentors and Co-workers

Ultimately, I was able to experience a range of areas in marketing with RMG in just one summer.  I feel a great sense of confidence entering my final year at Miami University. I can’t say thank you enough to Jerry Rosen, Sherry Matlock, Jena Harwell, Hayden Bernstein, and the rest of the RMG family for making this summer an incredible learning opportunity.

RMG Marketing Team | Emma Alhalel

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