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New ideas are the best. Seriously. A truly great idea changes the way we think, we live, and we do business. However, conceptualizing these life-changing ideas are not always that easy. With modern technology advancing at a phenomenal pace, it’s only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, gets another bright idea that will impact our lives for the better.

Examples of innovative technologies that have drastically improved operations can be found in supply chain management. These technologies are quickly making the task of producing, moving, and selling products more effective and efficient – i.e., the way things should be.

Supply Chain Management

Big Data
Companies with large supply chains generate a tremendous amount of information each day. In fact, the gargantuan online retailer, Amazon, currently hosts 1 billion gigabytes of data by running over 1.4 million servers. Capturing this information and putting it to use in your supply chain management activities can yield surprising results. Patterns begin to emerge as massive quantities of data is collected and analyzed. Leveraging these data patterns allow companies to improve their supply chain efficiencies, assessment of risk, and reaction to volatile markets. 

Predictive Analytics
As an associated concept along with big data, predictive analytics allow you to use collected data to make predictions about where problems might occur, the location of inefficiencies, and what you and your managers might expect to happen in both the short and long term. Predictive analytics, for example, can help you identify when specific types of raw materials are likely to be needed in advance. The concept is revolutionary in that it comes closest to giving you the ability to see into the future.

When Amazon made headlines by insisting it would be able to use drones for product delivery, both producers and consumers took notice. Near real-time deliveries of products may or may not be practical in reality, but the use of drones in supply chain management is likely to become more commonplace. As physical devices, drones can be used to easily move supplies and raw materials into remote areas, to the upper floors of high-rise construction projects, or into areas that would be difficult to reach by traditional vehicles. In addition, drones can be fitted with cameras or other devices that would make monitoring of pipelines or other inaccessible areas much easier.

Dynamic Digital Signage
In a warehouse or industrial environment where shipping and receiving takes place, digital signage is an effective way to communicate with the widest number of employees at one time. Digital signage can be placed in common areas, in break rooms, and in other work spaces where information must be provided to employees regularly. Company announcements, training information, news bulletins and even real-time supply chain KPI reporting can be broadcast via digital displays or mobile devices. Also, displaying color-coded metrics and universally understood symbols helps solve language barriers in your operations while communicating important messages.

Digital Signage for Supply Chain

These and other innovative technologies are improving the way companies manage their supply chains and business operations. RMG NetworksTM can help supply chain and manufacturing operations identify and implement the digital signage solutions you need to increase efficiency and communication in your company. Our solution-driven experts are ready to share their bright ideas with you. Visit our website or contact us today for  information on technologies that are making supply chain management easier and more productive. 

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