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Have you ever thought about the journey an item you are buying has undergone before you have purchased it? I have recently been learning the processes of supply chains and how much time, effort and work it takes to manufacturer, distribute and transport items before we are able to purchase them.

I am a lover of shopping –  handbags, shoes, the must haves. Equally, I would say I am not the most patient person; so to my dismay last Christmas, when purchasing presents online and not receiving items and receiving duplicates of others, I was quick to moan! However, now I understand how incredibly lucky we all are to live in a world where we can get purchased goods delivered by tomorrow, and how easy it is for a mistake to occur somewhere along the supply chain, which then halters getting the product delivered at the right time.

Visualizing Data

One of the challenges within supply chain operations, whether that be within manufacturing, distribution or logistics operations, is that the data and information displayed is often historic. From my meetings with clients, I understand data and information can be up to eight weeks out of date. Managers are being turned into data analysts, and employees are unaware of where they are against operational targets.

RMG NetworksTM provides the technology to improve supply chain processes and assist your business in becoming more streamlined and productive by visualising all of your supply chain data in real time. This allows employees to act upon an event as it occurs and aid the supply chain to get the right product, to the right place at the right time.

As part of the roll out for RMG’s already successful visual supply chain solutions, I had great pleasure in filming the first supply chain video in RMG’s state-of-the-art showcase within Tower 42 in London. RMG’s Visual Supply Chain solutions have been making huge impacts within logistic operations all over the globe by improving productivity and efficiency, and making a dramatic influence on the supply chain bottom line.

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About the Author:
Rosie Washborne is an Account Development Manager for RMG Networks in London, where she works with resellers and partners to bring added value to their business with intelligent visual communications. Connect with Rosie on LinkedIn.


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