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According to one supply chain expert at GT Nexus, an Infor Company, visibility is a must-have for today’s supply chain operations.

In their recently authored white paper, “The Network Approach to Inventory Management,” published in the December 2015 Issue of Supply Chain Management Review, they refer to today’s supply chain visibility as “fragmented, disjointed and siloed.” They note the trend is shifting from planning to execution, and from lean supply chains to agile supply chains.

All of this requires real-time data visualization – a view into what’s happening right now and what must be done in the next few hours to make the supply chain goals a reality. Think manufacturing plants and distribution center targets – production, inventory, OTD (on-time-delivery), customer satisfaction and so on. This kind of visibility or agile supply chain allows both its management and plant floor employees to react instantly to the inevitable disruptions that will occur. All can be notified and execute on exceptions, and appropriate corrective actions taken.

Supply Chain Visibility

GT Nexus goes on to explain that many times the breakdown in supply chain visibility occurs when sharing information between systems, locations or business units. This process is rarely consistent, difficult to manage and requires what they refer to as a “single source of truth.”

Access to real-time supply chain data should not reside only with headquarters, the plant manager or management staff. Rather, true “whole chain” visibility should be available to everyone, everywhere, all the time. This is where supply chain visualization can have an impact.

RMG NetworksTM helps companies achieve real-time agile supply chain visibility. RMG offers a supply chain solution that includes real-time data feeds (from WMS, LMS, TMS, WCS, ERP systems and more) and creates dynamic, engaging real-time “scoreboards” for your supply chain environment using a digital signage network.

Supply Chain Visualization

With RMG’s Visual Supply Chain solutions, you can put the data where the real-time decisions are made – at the execution level. And with RMG’s solutions, you’ll have real-time data to keep employees informed up-to-the-minute on your current supply chain status.

Contact RMG to learn how real-time supply chain visualization can improve your processes. For more information, visit our website or download our white paper on real-time performance metrics in supply chain operations.

Supply Chain White Paper

About the Author:
Kerwin Everson is Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions for RMG Networks. His goal is to educate companies on the value of visualizing real-time performance management. Connect with Kerwin on LinkedIn.

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