Benefits of a Visual Contact Center Solution

Trust RMG for a contact center solution that is perfectly tailored and rapidly deployed to meet the needs of your operations. Let our solutions align with your business priorities as they unfold in real time, using innovative displays and interface technologies.

Drive More Sales

Motivate your sales team to achieve and surpass company goals with personalized 24/7 broadcasts of individual performance metrics.

Display Real-Time Data

Engage your agents with visually appealing, attention-grabbing real-time data visualization and interactive gamification for increased performance.

Boost Agent Morale

Increase revenue and employee retention by empowering agents with live ACD stats and company-wide recognition for a job well done.

Manage by Exception

Receive alerts and agent requests for assistance directly on your desktop or mobile device as well as displays to pinpoint bottlenecks and quickly resolve problems.

Reach 100% of Employees

Keep your remote workforce feeling connected to company culture and events, news, and critical data pushed directly to their desktops and mobile devices.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Give your customer service team a leg up on issues, complaints, and trending topics concerning your products and services with ‘round-the-clock social media feed integration and aggregation.

Drive More Sales with Real-time Data

Engage Employees with Dynamic Digital Signage Displays

Motivate employees with easy-to-read displays showing individual and team metrics — including calls waiting, average wait times and agents available. Place your digital signage where it will have the most impact with your call center managers and representatives — on large HDTVs, LED wallboards, and with dashboards on desktops and mobile devices. With metrics made actionable through the use of filters and color-coded logic, employees can better realize call center performance goals and redirect focus to track key performance indicators.

“The flexibility in building views of statistics is one of our most favored elements of the RMG solution. The improved visibility of key performance statics has allowed agents to better manage their call flow and has thereby improved patient care levels. Anything else that improves the level of care received by our patients is of paramount importance to us and is therefore nurtured.”

– The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

percent of contact center agents are unable to resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems and archaic user interfaces

percent of consumers would pay more to guarantee a better customer experience

positive customer experiences make up for one unresolved negative one

Contact Center Visualization That Works

Data visualization facilitates fast, accurate responses from your contact center team. In today’s fast-paced world, speed and accuracy are more important than ever before, and thanks to advances in communications technology, customers and prospects expect immediate, thorough responses to problems. Anything less puts your business in jeopardy.

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Stay Connected to Critical Information

A visual contact center solution allows call centers to display real-time performance metrics to the entire team, helping managers proactively resolve issues. Furthermore, visual contact center solutions are now mobile, enabling supervisors to work with personnel on the floor rather than be chained to their desktops reviewing reports. With a mobile solution, supervisors can put out fires, conduct training, and look for areas of improvement while staying connected to detailed, vital information.

Data Visualization That Boosts Morale

Not only does data visualization help supervisors, it has a positive effect on employee morale. Getting immediate feedback on problems helps contact center managers make adjustments before they reach a critical stage, and getting immediate feedback on reaching an important goal keeps agents eager to achieve the next one. To truly engage your employees, make your data visualization attractive and interactive with gamification, a blend of creativity and logic to create a truly immersive experience that goes beyond the screen.


Engage, inform, and influence your audiences with intelligent digital signage from RMG. Through a wide range of software, hardware, and services, we offer vibrant and flexible visual communications solutions with one of the widest range of capabilities and one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Motivate contact center agents with gamification, using points and leaderboards to promote friendly competition among agents and teams or use data triggering to receive immediate alerts on performance that falls out of range of target levels. Our contact center solution also uses digital signage along with mobile and desktop dashboards to allow managers to reach employees anywhere, anytime with resolution messaging.

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