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Our marketers and creatives join forces to exceed industry expectations with exceptional work in design and strategic communications for digital signage.

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We Are RMG Creative Services

All we need is one opportunity, one single spark of the imagination along the ever-widening, maddening superhighway of information to make our cause and case known – to pierce the mind, stir the soul, and ignite the volition to action so that goals are attained and visions realized.

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Every day, we build, we create, and we inspire beyond industry limitations to deliver award-winning, creative work to help you boost your message and your brand. Collaborating with a wide range of clients, we develop strong concepts, genius ideas, innovative solutions while offering consistency, top-quality design, and expertise in advertising, design, marketing, and strategic communications. RMG Creative Services can help you take your organization’s brand and message to the next level.
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Creative Services for Digital Signage

Creating Communications with Passion. Serving Clients with Integrity.

The Design Studio platform gives organizations the ability to create and manage content with ease, with the necessary balance of control and creativity.
A proven leader in content integration solutions, Design Studio powers more than one million screens around the globe.


Our services include:
  • Creating, scheduling, and controlling dynamic visual content
  • Providing attention-getting templates with layering techniques to give them maximum versatility
  • Establishing multiple levels of permissions for collaboration and information security
  • Designing customized screen layouts that communicate with maximum effectiveness on the given screen size
  • Setting up external feeds (weather, local news, stock market updates) that keep content fresh and relevant
  • Designing interactive touchscreens and wayfinding systems that take user engagement to a whole new level
  • Implementing centralized and remote content management capability

Why RMG Creative Services

Technology has made it easier for us to speak with our clients no matter where they are based. With ongoing and open dialog between Creative Services and valued clients, creative solutions can happen in minutes.

In addition to working directly with clients to learn about specific communication challenges, Creative Services members have in-depth knowledge of and design expertise across various industries.

Clients benefit from our rich design experiences and backgrounds. Creative Services selects only the best talent because our clients expect superior service.

It’s our job to conceptualize fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Maximize impact with fresh perspectives and carefully-crafted digital art to boost your communications goals.

Ideas are our reason for being. Every day, we build, we create, and we inspire beyond industry limitations.

What works for one client doesn’t necessarily work for another. We bring a wealth of experience designing content for more than half of Fortune 100 companies, hence we’re able to offer clients a broad industry perspective, resulting in solutions that achieve measurable results with maximum impact.

United for One Cause:
Communications Beyond Limitations

Our team of marketers and creative professionals is 100 percent committed to helping you achieve total success in the deployment of your digital communication network. We’ve been helping clients do just that for decades, and we are eager to learn more about your challenges and objectives, and assist you in developing a plan of attack.

We want to hear how we can help you speak with impact.

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More About RMG Creative Services

Content is King

Organizations with the wisdom to invest in digital signage networks understand that content is king — it is high-quality content that persuades, informs, motivates, and ultimately satisfies both the needs of the viewer and the organization.

High-quality Visual Design

To create high-quality visual content that follows digital design best practices is a tall order. Even organizations with in-house marketing teams often lack the time and training to create superior designs, video, and imagery from scratch. With every creative challenge, Creative Services sees an opportunity.

Effective Visual Strategy

We take the time to learn about your business and industry, as well as your internal and external communication requirements and objectives. Our creative talent internalizes this knowledge, enabling us to create content and a network infrastructure consistent with your brand, pursuant to your objectives, unique, hard-hitting and, most of all, effective.

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