Digital Signage
for Schools

Improve Campus-Wide Communication

Accomplish your communication goals with intelligent digital signage in common areas, classrooms, food courts, stadiums, libraries, alumni centers, meeting rooms, and student housing.

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Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Schools

Trust RMG for a higher education solution that is perfectly tailored and rapidly deployed to meet the needs of your students, visitors and faculty members. Learn how RMG’s visual solution can benefit your institution.

Streamline Communications

Centralize all of your content management requirements onto one secure enterprise-level communications platform that can be customized to specific areas of your campus.

Modernize Experiences

Propel your campus communications into the future and engage students, visitors and faculty with sleek Ultra HD visuals including streaming video, motion graphics, and images.

Improve Safety Messaging

Automate safety and inclement weather alerts through data integration to ensure timely campus-wide communication during emergencies.

Offer Help with Wayfinding

Point students and visitors in the right direction every time with professionally designed, dynamic, and interactive wayfinding experiences that make for easy campus navigation.

Increase Engagement

Energize your student body and faculty with real-time updates on the latest campus news, announcements, sports scores, and relevant trending social media topics.

Go Green

Eliminate the cost and waste of maintaining paper signage with Ultra HD content securely scheduled and updated from anywhere on campus.

Digital Signage for Higher Education That Serves Multiple Functions:

  • Engage and inform students, parents, visitors, and faculty
  • Strengthen and reinforce your school’s branding and image
  • Serve as a medium for campus-wide and inter-campus communication
  • Enable communication to be centrally controlled and managed
  • Customize messages to the needs of each location
  • Provide streamlined, interactive wayfinding navigation
  • Facilitate rapid delivery of critical, emergency messaging
  • Eliminate paper signage, reducing labor and improving your institution’s sustainable profile

Keep Students and Staff Connected

Create or enhance a dynamic learning environment on your university or college campus with our digital displays, interactive kiosks, and visually creative messaging. Help new students and visitors navigate their way around the grounds and keep faculty, staff, and students up to date on special events, schedules, and emergency messages. In addition, our highly customizable educational signage solutions enable you to receive, deliver, and display information from your social media channels, keeping everyone “in the loop” by helping students, staff, and faculty stay connected.

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More About Digital Signage in Schools

Create a Dynamic Learning Environment

Visual solutions have provided an answer to the drawbacks of traditional paper-based messaging which are often out-of-date, costly and wasteful of human and material resources, and time-consuming to print, disseminate and take down. RMG solutions enable education providers to deliver high impact multimedia content to any display, at any time, communicating essential information to students and faculty when and where it is needed.

Boost Efficiency with a Centralized Solution

Communicating cost-effectively and efficiently throughout today’s college campuses is a constant challenge. With many buildings spread across wide areas, a centralized solution for local and campus-wide communication is a must. RMG’s higher education solution provides institutions with a communication channel that is easy to manage, engaging, and able to maintain consistent brand messaging throughout all of your premises, while also delivering timely emergency messaging.


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