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Behind our screens is SYMON™, a suite of enterprise software that makes your visual communication experience come to life. From increased protection from security breaches to tracking social media in real time, our feature-rich software suite offers comprehensive content management at your fingertips.

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Design Studio
Broadcast PC

RMG SYMONTM has advanced data integration capabilities, enabling your organization to communicate dynamic, visual media securely and in real time.

Our award-wining Design Studio software is a powerful digital signage content tool that helps create visually exciting messages to capture and hold viewer attention. Graduated levels of features and controls accommodate beginners to the most advanced graphic designers, which means you get your messages out quickly and easily. Start creating your own content today.

Have existing media players or PCs that you’d like to utilize with our solution? No problem. With our Broadcast PC software, we’ll transform your existing hardware that meets our specifications into a media player capable of providing performance similar to that of our SDA media player and giving you centralized and remote management capabilities.

INVIEW is more than just a desktop dashboard – it’s a communications portal that brings all of the same features and functionality of large format displays to desktops and mobile devices within a fully customizable, interactive experience, helping your important messages stay top of mind, all the time. When companies need to reach 100 percent of their employees, they turn to RMG INVIEW for a seamless viewing experience across platforms.


Our sophisticated SYMON platform seamlessly integrates with third-party systems and data sources, giving you a central point to collect, synthesize, and repurpose data into visually powerful communication.

All of our digital signage products are built to the highest standards and supported by our experienced service team, so that your system is efficiently implemented and reliably maintained.

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