Digital Signage

Transforming Your Business with Visual Communications

With a range of capabilities and the most experienced team in the industry, we can help you meet your business challenges.

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Contact Center

Our systems are used to increase revenue, boost morale, and improve customer satisfaction through high-impact, real-time data displays.

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Supply Chain

RMG intelligent signage provides
real-time information to bring supply chain companies dynamic improvements in productivity and employee engagement.

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Large organizations centrally control communications with granular customization to make internal messaging powerful and consistent with RMG digital signage software — strengthening morale, and efficiency.

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Retailers, healthcare facilities, hotels, corporations, and many other organizations are discovering how intelligent digital signage improve their business goals.

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Benefits of Digital Signage

Increase Engagement

Build a sense of achievement and camaraderie by connecting your workforce with the very latest in corporate news and culture, and up-to-the-minute team productivity reports.

Improve Visitor Experience

Make a lasting impression on prospective clients with professionally designed interactive visuals that communicate your brand message in a compelling and memorable way.

Improve Efficiency

Save time with automated and scheduled content securely delivered to all departments within your company from a single, enterprise content management system.

Influence Customer Behavior

Harness the power of professionally designed,
data-driven video, sound, and motion graphics to enhance the buyer’s journey and influence
purchasing decisions.

Easily Manageable Systems

Realize the ROI of our world-class visual communication solutions with minimal training and an intuitive user interface.

Customized Signage Solutions

Tailor our solution to your needs with engaging custom-designed content broadcasted on displays of any shape and size, anywhere in the world.

Improve Efficiency and Employee Engagement

With over 35 years of expertise in delivering digital signage solutions to increase organizational productivity, efficiency, and engagement, RMG can help you reach your goals with intelligent visual communications. Join the thousands of customers who utilize RMG solutions to power more than one million digital screens worldwide.

More About Digital Signage Solutions

Interactive Wayfinding Solutions

For electronic wayfinding, influencing point-of-purchase decisions in retail stores, or informing guests and visitors, our interactive wayfinding software and digital signage solutions vastly improve the guest or visitor experience, increase revenues, and inspire referrals and return visits.

Attract Attention

Visual messaging attracts and holds attention far more effectively than static signage and text. Our customized signage solutions are for single locations, Fortune 100 firms with locations around the world, and everything in between. We give you the ability to adapt your messaging to the needs of each local facility and the means to capture the attention of your digital signage audience.

Make Messages Memorable

Visual messages “sink in” far more effectively than textual ones. Whether the message is as simple as “15 percent off menswear for the next hour” or as complex as evacuation procedures for a weather emergency, RMG systems help enable the message to be received and remembered.

Reach Your Audience

Our software and hardware solutions allow messages to be delivered via high-resolution digital screens, interactive kiosks, desktop computer monitors, mobile phones, and tablets. No matter where employees and visitors are, messages can be delivered.

Central Control, Customized Delivery

Our digital signage solutions enable organizations to control messaging from a central location and customize it to fit the needs of each location, business unit, department, work team, or individual. Customized messaging increases relevance and employee engagement — without sacrificing corporate communication themes
and priorities.

Improve Performance

By working closely with you every step of the way in creating communication solutions, implementing them, and providing consultative and technical support after installation, we provide your guests and employees with the information they can use — to improve their performance, learn, or simply be entertained.

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