Offering Peace of Mind with Healthcare Signage

Intelligent digital signage in hospitals and other medical facilities can improve patient and visitor experience.

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Benefits of Using Digital Healthcare Solutions

Visits to medical facilities can be an uncomfortable time of stress for patients and visitors alike. Intelligent digital signage that informs, engages, and entertains while also helping to improve staff efficiency puts patients and visitors at ease and builds confidence in your facility.

Lessen Perceived Wait Times

Manage perceived wait times by leveraging our robust data integration capabilities to push service levels to employee displays and desktops in an engaging way.

Engage Your Audience

Utilize waiting areas to push your brand and educate your patients and visitors with visually captivating digital messaging about maintaining health and wellness.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Aggregate data, messages, and information into one interactive viewing experience on employee-facing screens, mobile devices, or digital door displays for quick, easy access.

Display Real-Time Data

Maintain 24/7 situational awareness of patient condition, staff location, equipment usage, bed availability, patient call button response times, and much more.

Offer Help with Wayfinding

Help visitors independently navigate your facility with professionally designed, interactive wayfinding experiences.

Empower Your Staff

Enable your staff to focus on providing excellent patient care by giving them access to real-time performance metrics and by helping visitors become more engaged and self-sufficient.

Engage Audiences with Healthcare Signage

Beyond wayfinding in hospitals, keeping patients and visitors informed, entertained, and engaged is a key benefit of digital signage in healthcare facilities. Our digital signage solutions lessen perceived wait times and improve the visitor experience.

Digital Healthcare Communications That Serve Multiple Functions

For effective visual communications, digital signage should entertain, engage, and inform all audiences. RMG’s digital signage healthcare solutions accomplish just that. Our solutions put viewers at ease with reassuring messages, information regarding facility amenities and services, and news about community programs along with up-to-the-minute wait times and status messages.

Engaging, Real-Time Visual Communications

Select RMG for an intelligent digital solution that entertains, informs, and reassures patients while improving efficiency of healthcare staff. From general practitioner waiting rooms to large hospital facilities, visual messaging communicates real-time information and provides an all-round enhanced
healthcare experience.

More About HealthCare Digital Signage

Reassure Visitors

First impressions are long lasting and difficult to overcome. Smart digital signage that delivers data in real time is key to making an exceptional first impression. RMG’s state-of-the-art digital signage solutions for hospitals provides several important benefits. Visually engaging, relevant, and up-to-the-minute messaging displayed per your schedule or even automatically with data integration, reassures patients and visitors that their comfort is priority and your staff provides competent treatment and care.

Provide the Best Healthcare Experience

RMG provides a wide variety of digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry. Our systems easily integrate with existing technology for a cost-controlled, end-to-end solution. By keeping patients informed and able to independently access information, frontline staff can focus on patient care and other important tasks.

Offer Leading Healthcare Solutions

Trust RMG for a healthcare solution that is perfectly tailored and rapidly deployed to meet the needs of your patients and staff. Using innovative displays and interface technologies, take advantage of a proven leader that has provided global visual solutions for more than 35 years. For engaging, real-time visual communications unmatched in the industry, call RMG today.

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