Benefits of a Visual Internal Communications Solution

Propel your organization to the next level of productivity with engaging and intelligent solutions for visual internal communications. From the boardroom to the break room, across the hall or across the globe, RMG visual solutions make it possible to convey important company information instantly.

Reach 100% of Audience

Bring your distributed workforce together with scheduled and ad-hoc messaging broadcasted to all desktops and mobile devices within your company.

Recognize Employees

Automate employee recognition with real-time data integration and push training documents and videos with proof-of-play capabilities.

Boost Employee Engagement

Inspire employees to surpass company goals with creatively visualized performance metrics and make achievement fun and entertaining with gamification.

Increase Innovation

Encourage idea sharing and creativity with drag-and-drop publication of the latest company wins and product advancements.

Raise Revenue and Profit

Increase productivity and decrease employee attrition with relevant and engaging content managed on an easy-to-use enterprise platform.

Encourage Efficiency

High-impact, customized messaging increases employee engagement and awareness, which improves organizational efficiency and supports a consistently communicated brand message.

See engagement and productivity soar with Korbyt, a platform built to align employee communications with your enterprise. Propel your organization to the next level of productivity with engaging and intelligent solutions for visual internal communications.

An Internal Communications Strategy That Works

Recognize, reward, and Train Employees

Boost employee morale by recognizing team and individual achievements and performance,
and increase employee knowledge through visually compelling product training.

“RMG’s solution helped us create a program of around 25 pages of information in both German and English, with each message being rotated every 12 seconds to retain employee interest. The program allowed us to easily keep content fresh, informative and up-to-the-minute.”

– Editorial and Information Manager, Stefan P. Fischer, Group Communications at Roche

percent increase in employee productivity with effective internal communications

percent higher productivity and profitability with high
employee engagement

percent of employees are engaged at work worldwide

More About Internal Communications

Improve Bottom-Line Performance

In recent years, the importance of employee engagement has become a top priority for most companies. After all, a high-performing workforce is necessary for growth; not to mention, an engaged workforce can increase innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance. A recent study reveals that about 13 percent of employees are engaged at work. With increasing innovation, technology is making it hard for employees to keep their eye on the ball — and off their mobile phone, their tablet, their Apple Watch…

Customized Messaging to Boost Your Brand

Allow us to provide you with the best of both worlds: High-impact customized messaging with complete control at your fingertips…literally. Our internal communication solutions not only increase employee engagement and awareness but enable you to present a consistent brand message and company mission throughout
the organization.

Internal Communications Dashboard

With a distributed workforce becoming more of the norm, ensuring that employees get the right messages at the right time has become a challenge that email alone cannot meet. An internal communications dashboard from RMG meets that challenge head-on, not only with the ability to broadcast targeted messages to teams or even individuals, but also influencing productivity with real-time performance metrics that compare employee performance against company goals.

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Learn how to propel your organization to the next level of productivity with engaging and intelligent solutions.

Learn how to improve employee engagement with intelligent visual solutions.

Learn how our intelligent digital signage takes real-time data and displays it in a meaningful way to influence behavior.

Learn how to improve employee engagement with visual internal communications solutions.

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