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A powerful platform

designed for communicators

Korbyt enables organizations to create and deliver engaging digital content, targeted to the right audience at the right time.
Take command of your communications with Korbyt, a next-generation software platform built for impact.

See How Korbyt Works

Discover what makes Korbyt unique –  from its intuitive use, to relevant refresh technology and omni-channel content delivery.

Discover the power of Korbyt

Don’t mistake Korbyt’s ease-of-use with lack of power. Korbyt’s rich feature-set and scalable architecture offers endless communication possibilities.
With Korbyt, you’ll have the power to communicate more effectively than ever. Benefit from Korbyt’s easy-to-use interface and advanced feature-set to create impactful content with ease.

Easy content creation and management tools

Easy and convenient to get content into place
Tag Management
Efficient mass-content organization
Kiosk Builder
Simple ‘no-code’ interactive experiences

Integration and platform intelligence

Korbyt Launchpad Templates
Provide a lift-off for content creativity
Stock Media Repository
Access to thousands of free images
Pre-defined layouts
Easy audience content submissions

Graphic Design Tool
Built in for advanced creators
Defined user roles & permissions
Best CMS practices
Korbyt Community
Best practice sharing

Advanced User Access
Designed with the future of web technology in mind,  
access to custom development and integrations


Targeted, omni-channel content delivery

Reach your entire digital ecosystem: signage, desktop,
mobile, email, social media, Intranet

Omni-channel scheduling
Turn-key and responsive
content delivery

Sonar Snippets
Conveniently embed Korbyt content
into your mobile app or website

Target Audiences
By employee type, department,
location and more

Two-way Communication
Use KorbytGO to enable
real-time communication and feedback

Dynamic Audience Segments
To keep content

Content Scheduling
For any scenario possible, even
across dynamic player groups

Hosting Environment

Korbyt’s web-based architecture enables you to choose the hosting environment that’s right for you – pure cloud or on-premise solution.  Either way, you’ll benefit from:
  • Accessing Korbyt from anywhere
  • Creating and managing content on the go
  • Easily receiving new software features and platform updates

Korbyt Cloud (SaaS)

Highly-scalable and accessible anywhere, a multi-tenant platform built for enterprise SaaS.

Korbyt On-Prem

Giving you the data protection you require combined with the accessibility of the cloud.

Media Player Ecosystem

Korbyt is a hardware agnostic platform. Choose from our proprietary Korbyt Media Players or go with a number of other enterprise-class digital media player choices.

Korbyt Media Players

Designed with enterprise manageability and security in mind, Korbyt media players feature a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system and are built to deliver maximum performance in the most demanding environments.

3rd Party Supported Media Players

Korbyt boasts the largest 3rd party supported media player ecosystems, offering our clients the flexibility to choose their hardware.  Some of our preferred technology partners are:  

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