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Benefits of Using Retail Visual Solutions

Trust RMG for a retail solution that is perfectly tailored and rapidly deployed to meet the needs of your stores. For engaging, retail visual solutions unmatched in the industry, call RMG today.

Increase Sales

Attract consumers with a powerful visual experience, offering information on special discounts and complimentary products.

Experience Omni-channel marketing

Make the buying experience memorable with immersive and interactive ultra HD visuals on touchscreens, kiosks, and displays as part of your omni-channel marketing strategy.

Automate Promotions

Automatically and intelligently trigger promotions and specials using buyer trend data and current product inventory.

Improve Efficiency

Provide product training during off hours, or use digital signage in break rooms and back areas for employee communications.

Centralize Control

Publish and schedule content from anywhere in the world to specific displays with an intuitive web-based content management application.

Integrate Seamlessly

Aggregate reports from POS systems into real-time sales rollups securely pushed to back room displays, corporate displays, desktops, or even to mobile devices.

Boost Sales with Dynamic Digital Marketing

In-store shoppers value relevant information that helps them make better buying decisions and contributes to their overall experience. RMG’s engaging in-store visual displays meets those needs, creating new sales opportunities and paving the way for increased customer loyalty.

Reinvent the retail shopping experience with Korbyt Retail, solutions built with our new state-of-the-art platform. Easily create immersive, interactive digital experiences for your customers in an easy-to-use, scalable and secure platform.

Increase Staff Efficiency and Sales

Digital retail signage significantly improves efficiency of sales associates while increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Our solution, driven by the SYMONTM platform, integrates not only with virtually all POS systems, but also with warehouse and call center management systems. Empowered with buying trends, in-store and global inventory availability, shopper behavior patterns, and other information, store associates and customer service reps are enabled to guide and assist customers quickly and effectively.

More About RMG Retail Visual Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our retail solutions are perfectly tailored and rapidly deployed to meet the needs of your stores. Our solutions align with your business priorities as they unfold in real time, using innovative displays and interface technologies.

Influence Buyer Decisions

Provide the ultimate shopping experience by offering your customers the convenience of online shopping as part of their in-store visit. Intelligent digital signage allows you to target consumers with the most relevant messages, such as new product information and promotions. Messages can be controlled centrally, but are versatile enough to be customized locally. Most importantly, you can use visual signage to educate and guide the buying process of your shoppers at the moment they are making a product selection and buying decision.

Affect the Bottom Line

RMG’s solutions give you the power to harness real-time content and metrics, such as buying trends, current demographics, shopper profiles, and audience analytics; and with proof-of-play, you can easily verify that your content is being seen on screens worldwide. The result is a competitive advantage for your stores that can increase both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

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