Benefits for Broadcasting Safety Messages with Digital Signage

Traditional methods of safety communications such as placards and static signs are often ineffective in the modern workplace. RMG’s intelligent digital safety solutions provide eye-catching safety messaging, automated alerts, and safety tips and reminders along with other relevant content.

Relevant, Real-time Reinforcement

Keep safety at the forefront of your communications strategy with visible, engaging, up-to-the-minute incident reporting and safety content.

Improve Execution of
Safe Practices

Help decrease accidents and safety violations with a constant visual stream of safety training and helpful tips, reminders, and warnings.

Real-time Safety Alerts
and Scorecards

Make safety compliance fun with creative real-time data visualization and gamification that increases awareness and a sense of accomplishment.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reign in equipment loss and worker compensation by automating an attention-getting safety campaign implemented on displays throughout your facility.

Reach 100% of Employees

Educate your workforce regardless of location or language barriers through easy-to-understand motion graphics and color-coded metrics that clearly communicate your company’s safety standards.

Increase Employee Engagement

Cultivate a culture of safety and teamwork using our intuitive enterprise content management platform that reaches your people where they are.

Real-Time Emergency Communications

Relying on one or two channels to convey safety messages leaves too many gaps for your complex environment. In an emergency, safety messaging needs to be readily accessible on digital screens in high-traffic areas or on desktops and mobile devices so that employees and visitors can find information quickly. To be sure of reaching 100 percent of affected people, safety messages must be displayed on all
business-related media, instantaneously.

Consistent Quality Communications

With multiple communication channels comes a great need for consistency, especially in the case of safety messaging. Without consistency in safety communications, employees may be in danger of not complying with safety standards or not appropriately reacting to an emergency simply due to lack of information. While this may seem unlikely, just one safety incident is one too many. Therefore, safety managers must ensure that all safety communications are pushed company-wide and onto every endpoint possible.

“Strict government regulations, continuous training by the industry, and enhanced security measures have combined to ensure safety inside and outside of America’s nuclear power plants…”

– Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASE)

workplace accidents occur every 15 seconds

percent of men and 39 percent of women miss work due to workplace illness and accidents

percent of people report digital signage catches their attention

More About Safety Communications

Communicate to a Diverse Audience

While the need varies depending on the demographics of a facility’s employees and visitors, text in one language may not suffice to ensure all employees understand emergency messages. Not only is it important to support multilingual emergency messages, it must be supported strongly. For emergency messaging, there is no room for imprecise translations, which could have disastrous results. It’s not a risk
worth taking.

Be Prepared for an Emergency Situation

For safety managers, it is safest to assume no one in the building is familiar with emergency procedures and to communicate accordingly. For instance, an interactive digital kiosk with wayfinding capabilities may help visitors find relevant instructions and directions during an evacuation. Making safety messages and videos available to visitors can increase safety awareness and encourage proper visitor response in an emergency situation. And with the reach of RMG’s safety communications solution, you can rest assured that incident alerts, weather warnings, and other emergency communications are displayed in real time in any location.


As a proven leader in delivering enterprise-class communication solutions to a variety of industries, RMGs scalable and secure Safety Communications solution allows companies to improve their ability to reach all employees, wherever and whenever they work. Employees remain engaged and safety-conscious, and employers benefit from delivering affordable and timely safety notifications leading to reduced safety risks and incidents across
their organization.


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