Benefits of a Visual Supply Chain

Supply chains live and die by operational effectiveness and process improvement. With real-time performance metrics displayed on large format displays or pushed to mobile devices, RMG’s visual supply chain solutions can be a game-changing component of an effective process improvement program.

Improve Your Efficiency

Aggregate and broadcast pertinent reports from disparate sources in real time to affect real change in wave efficiency, overall equipment effectiveness, and safety compliance.

Anytime, Anywhere Alerts

Bring immediate attention to inclement weather alerts, safety stand-downs, and other time-sensitive messages on large displays, desktops, or mobile devices.

Boost Performance

Motivate employees to surpass performance goals safely and efficiently with a continuous real-time broadcast of personal performance metrics measured against company goals.

Increase Employee Engagement

Build a sense of achievement and camaraderie by connecting your workforce with the very latest in corporate news and culture, and up-to-the-minute team productivity reports.

Keep Viewers Informed

Easily publish content company-wide with a drag-and-drop user interface or automate content with our robust data-integration capabilities.

Improve Your Process

Improve customer satisfaction and buying experience with the continuous process improvement that our enterprise content management platform supports.

Our Visual Supply Chain Solution

When customers place orders, they expect products to arrive on time — often within 24 hours — undamaged and matching what they ordered exactly. Any business that seeks to compete in this environment must have a strong supply chain in every respect. A visual supply chain management system from RMG can be one of your supply chain’s strongest links.

Achieve Greater Performance

percent fewer safety incidents using data visualization to directly impact employee engagement

percent employee reach with RMG solutions by communicating performance metrics anytime, anywhere

to 20 percent increase in customer productivity using our visual supply chain solutions

“RMG’s digital scoreboards are a wonderful complementary solution to our product set that will further enhance the value we provide to our clients. RMG has been a Manhattan Valued Partner for several years, and we are thrilled to extend our relationship and offer its innovative visual solutions to our customers.”

– Jeff Cashman, senior vice president, business development, Manhattan Associates.

More About Visual Supply Chain

Stay Informed with Mobile Data Alerts

Help your managers immediately address bottlenecks with alerts that let them know when metrics fall out of preset ranges. Our solution can address a variety of supply chain issues including display alerts on desktops and mobile devices to keep management informed no matter where they are.

Boost Employee Engagement

Maximize worker productivity, recognition, and morale with large, easy-to-read digital signage displays. Encourage workers to exceed their goals with color-coded and graphical visual results of current workflow output, strategically displayed on large HDTVs and LED wallboards.

Real-Time Data in Action

Relying on yesterday’s data for process improvement is problematic; yet that is exactly the practice that has traditionally been accepted – employees resorting to printouts of old supply chain data to address inefficiencies and correct problems. Our visual communications solution offers a better way by aggregating and presenting critical information from your WMS and ERP systems in real time, and with real-time data visualized on screens throughout your facility, both employees and managers are empowered to take action to immediately resolve problems, anticipate changes, and stay on track to meet performance objectives.

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