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Companies know that one of the best investments they can possibly make is in the safety of their employees. Not only is it right thing to do, but accidents costs businesses a significant amount each year in injuries and lost productivity.

As companies expand globally and the workforce gets more distributed, reaching employees through traditional means likes emails and static signs is no longer effective. They need a safety communications solution that continuously connects employees with relevant, timely safety messages, no matter their location.

Digital signage is an ideal way to provide safety communications. Through large digital displays designed to capture attention, desktop communications that push critical safety updates on a continuous basis, and mobile communications that automatically send key alerts and reminders to mobile devices, companies can reach even the most remote worker with important notices and updates. Plus, digital signage can be updated in real time to highlight inclement weather conditions, emergency notifications alerts or safety equipment reminders.

Not only is an investment in safety good for employees, it is good for the bottom line. Studies have down that for every one dollar invested in workplace injury prevention, companies can save an additional four to six dollars. That’s just good business sense!

Learn more about the benefits of digital signage for safety communications in our new infographic.


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RMG NetworksTM offers a enterprise-class safety communications solution designed to reach all employees. To learn more, contact us or visit our website.

Safety Communications Case Study

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